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Fatherhood Summit

Hosted by Washington State Frontiers of Innovation. *Sponsoring organizations please contact Kristin Ohler for availability.
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The 2018 Washington State Fatherhood Summit

Join us as we look to create small, diverse teams of fathers, program staff, local and state agencies, community partners with a vested interest in fathers and their families, supporters, and investors statewide.
Summit Goals

-Catalyze action based upon a common understanding, among a deverse group of interested stakeholders, of the changing picture of fatherhood in our state. We will examine data trends, discuss best and promising practices, and listen to fathers' voices to create immediate next steps around how local partners might work together differently based upon what we hear and learn.

-Create and commit to a statewide plan for near term action to strengthen fatherhood programs, leadership, systems, and policies.

*If you are affiliated with one of these sponsoring organizations please contact Kristin Ohler for availability:

Community Services Division
Division of Child Support
Department of Early Learning
Children's Administration


Ticket sales are final, if you have questions about the event or tuition assistance please contact Kristin Ohler.

Sponsored by: WA Frontiers of Innovation; South Seattle Colleges; King County Community Partners for Transition Solutions; United Way of Skagit County; DSHS Economic Services Administration Office of the Assistant Secretary Tribal Liaison, Division of Child Support, and Community Services Division; DSHS Children's Administration; DSHS Rehabilitation Administration, Department of Corrections, Department of Early Learning; Department of Health; Administration for Children and Families; WA State Father's Network; Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction; Office of Public Defense; Children's Home Society of Washington; University of Washington; Partnership for Fathers and Families; Divine Alternatives for Dads Services

Guest List
Gregory Adams
Omari Amili
Danielle Armbruster
Echo Arseneau
Katrina Avent
Anmarie Aylward
Jose Bazan
Spring Benson
Kellie Bjerkaker
Teresa Blanchett
Keith Boller
Jon Botten
Derek Boyd
Roderick Bremby
Chauncey Brown
LaRon Burris
Amanda Camp
Lucy Cantu
Marvin Charles
Meilana Charles
Brace Clement
Jessup Coffin
Dawn Cooper
Riveka Crooms
Gina Cumbo
Kimberly Curtis
Seanna DeLauter
Diana DiTunno
Mitch Dillard
Sean Domagalski
Jeremiah Donier
Deborah Doyle
Lacy Fehrenbach
Carlota Felice
Zachary Fike
Vonna J Fisher
Chris Franks
Tarassa Froberg
Solomon Garrett
Anthony Gayle
Darin Goff
Spencer Graf
Jenny Grayum
Jeremy Gredvig
Brandon Gregory
Nikolaas Hanson
Patrick Harper
Lewis Harris
Harold Hartman
Ron Hauenstein
Michael Heard
Ramon Hernandez
Katie Hess
Chealse Hickman
Michelle Hoffman
Carolyn House-Higgins
John Hurley
Greg Johnson
Ashley Joslyn
Anthony Judkins
Keoki Kaunoe
Susan Kavanaugh
Echo Keough
Nelson Khov
Judy King
Jorji Knickrehm
Melanie Knudson-Leahy
Sarah Kollin
Erik Larson
Susan Leavell
Danielle Loman
Venita Lynn
Cristina Manterola
Greg Marris
Wally McClure
Vanessa McCollum
Jennifer McCoy
Lisa McHenry
Carlos Mejia Rodriguez
Louis Mendoza
Denise Mileson
Davida Miller
John Miller
Ronald Mincy
James Moore
Heather Moss
Mary Nagel
Van Nguyen
Ellen Nolan
Mary O'Brien
Kristin Ohler
Jenni Olmstead
Ebony Padilla
Matt Parascand
Christopher Pattison
Lori Pfingst
Dante Pollard
Steve Primas
OSPI Purchasing
Celica Quirarte
Nick Rankin
Frieda Ray
Mike Riber
Babs Roberts
Jess Robertson
Dail Rodriguez
Sue Rose
Decortan Roundtree
Erin Schafer
Holly Schindler
Lilian Scott
Toni Sebastian
Christine Servin
Sharon Shadwell
Roy Simms
David Stillman
Anne Stone
Katie Stover
Fred Swanson
Lovell Sykes
Wesley Thompson
Ted Thornton
Nathan Todd
Nathan Todd
Aaron Torrance
Candi TurningRobe
Terry Weber
Stephen Williams
Greg Williamson
Greg Williamson
Kathlene Wong
Bruce Wood
Charles Woods
elizabeth moore simpson